Cathy Women’s Wrap Dress For An Interesting Impression

Wrap Dress is a type of dress that has pieces like a bathrobe. This dress is one of the classic dresses but is proven to be able to coexist with other types of innovation dresses. The thing that is characteristic of this dress is not to use zippers or buttons like a dress in general, but equipped with straps at the waist and tied to the back of the body.

Although it has a simple cut, it will still look classy and can give a smaller impression on the waist and emphasize other female body parts. Therefore wrap dress is suitable for you who have a rather fat body or tend to contain because it will be able to hide the curves of a woman’s body. This is because this dress seems to wrap around your body to make it look slimmer.

But do not rule out the possibility to be used by women who are thin, because it will add a high impression on your appearance. It is also very flexible because it can be used in any event be it formal or casual. You can wear them when going to the office or to just hanging out with your friends.


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This draped cutout dress was originally made popular by Diane Van Furstenberg but has proven to be popular today. Especially now that there are many designs, patterns, and colors that can be selected. One design that is no less popular is the V-Neck design that makes the illusion of a slim and full chest also looks. For your own motives, you can also customize them from flower motifs to polka-dot motifs.

Actually you can use wrap dress as usual, but if you want a different appearance, you can try adding outwear such as blazers, jackets, or cardigans. You can complete the look by using high heels or flat shoes.

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