Complete Your Fashion With Winter Shawl For A More Stylish Look

Winter shawl is a fashion item that is usually worn during winter to warm the body even more. Scarves can also be used as a complement to fashion items to make your appearance even more stylish. Even though they look the same, it turns out that Selendang, Syal, and Pashmina are different.

A scarf is a small piece of cloth that is the same length and width, forming an equilateral rectangle, starting at about 30 centimeters, or more, usually made of chiffon, silk, and t-shirts. Scarves are usually worn tied around the neck or head like a headband. In addition, the scarf is also worn for fashion or religious reasons, as a complement to casual or formal styles, or to be worn on the shoulder.

Pashmina is a piece of cloth made from a type of natural fiber spun from the fur of wild sheep that live in the mountains of Asia. One of these classy fibers is soft, light but effective in protecting the body from the cold. Initially, pashmina was often spun in the form of a long cloth with a Paisley pattern so that the term pashmina was synonymous with this form. Pashmina itself is currently widely used by Muslims as a veil and also to add to hijab fashion.

Meanwhile, the shawl is a piece of cloth used to warm the neck in winter which is usually wrapped around the head, neck, waist, or sometimes just an accessory tied to a bag. Scarves have various shapes, some are long, triangular, or rectangular.

One of the scarves that you can try is the Winter Scarf with a checkered pattern of blue and white which will not only warm your neck and body but will also add a fashionable impression to your appearance. Like the picture about Winter Shawl below.


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