Beautiful White Long Sleeve Mermaid Wedding Dress Ideas

White Long Sleeve Mermaid Wedding Dress can be your choice of autumn wedding dress. This dress is suitable for those of you who lack confidence in open clothes, a long sleeve mermaid wedding dress can be your inspiration. In addition to the silhouette of your body shape that will look slimmer, you will also look elegant and classy with long sleeves. In addition, you can add a brocade to make it look exclusive and thick. For long-sleeved cuts, brocade can also create a pretty simple impression.

This dress is the perfect blend of a long sleeve dress with a mermaid dress. Long Sleeve Dress is one of the dress choices that is synonymous with covering our entire sleeve, from the shoulder to the wrist. Meanwhile, Mermaid Dress is a dress model that has a slender dress on the belly and the hips until the knees are slightly smaller then widens until the bottom looks like a mermaid’s tail. When you wear this dress you will feel the effect of your legs longer. This dress model is also perfect for you to hide the impression of a mini body.

Whether it’s a wedding dress with a long sleeve or a mermaid design, until now, it remains the prima donna and many prospective brides choose. Moreover, it will soon be autumn, surely you don’t hesitate to try it. One of the wedding dress designs that combine both and the most ideal and flattering is the mermaid design with a long sleeve that covers our entire arm, from the shoulders to the wrists, and the lower part that expands like a mermaid tail.

This wedding dress design can accentuate the body silhouette with a slimming effect, while the tail has a really dramatic effect. No wonder the mermaid or semi-mermaid designs are the favorites of many prospective brides everywhere. Like the picture of the White Long Sleeve Mermaid Wedding Dress below.


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