Celebrate Year-End Parties With Outstanding Violet Monochromatic Fashion

Violet Monochromatic Fashion you can try for your year-end fashion inspiration. This monochrome look with all items from head to toe in violet will not only add depth but can also create a fantasy feel of its own

Violet is a combination of blue and red. However, in contrast to purple, the blue color of violet is more dominant, so the violet color looks like a pale purple and is darker when compared to purple. Violet color itself is included in part of the light spectrum. This color is often found in eyeshadow palettes. Maybe some people are still confused about the color purple and violet. Well, here we describe the differences.

Purple is a bridge color between warm and cool colors, the result of a mixture of red and blue, so violet is a more bluish and dark purple color. The color purple itself is associated with spirituality, stimulates the imagination, and inspires high aspirations. In the purple family, there are 2 major categories, namely purple (purple/red-purple) and indigo (violet/purple-blue).

The difference between indigo and purple is seen in the spectrum of light or the rainbow. While purple is simply a mixture of red and blue, indigo is seen as the highest vibration in the spectrum. Both contain red energy and power with blue spirituality and integrity. The combination of purple and indigo is like a combination of body and soul that creates a balance between spiritual and human spiritual energy.

Purple or violet colors are not used too much in color combinations. Too much use of bluish-purple can create a depressive mood and a weird impression. On the other hand, the use of reddish-purple in large quantities can create a cheesy atmosphere. Purple is one of those colors that should be used very carefully and in small quantities. But you don’t need to worry, combining purple and violet colors yourself in fashion will actually look elegant, fantasy with a stunning appearance. Like the Violet Monochromatic Fashion picture below.


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