Chic Updo Hairstyle Ideas And Variations That You Can Try

Updo Hairstyle or Up and Down style is one of the hairstyles that are identical to lifting the entire hair up so that the neck is more visible or making small buns, pigtails, ponytails, and so on in the middle of the head.

The updo style trend itself has been known since the 90s, but it has only recently begun to be popular and much-loved entering 2015 until now. This classic bun hairstyle with a modern twist will make a woman more chic and elegant. This hairstyle not only makes your look fresh but also flexible because it can be used for formal events such as weddings and parties or even for everyday life. Moreover, with different variations that you can set yourself.


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The updo hairstyle itself has a lot, including:

1. Braided Bun is known as the easiest updo hairstyle, which is simply to tie the hair high, braid it and make the braid around the head which is then tied.

2. Messy Bun is synonymous with a messy look but still looks feminine. The trick is to roll the hair using your fingers until it is round and then tie it. After that, the hair is then pulled a little all the parts of the bun so that it looks a natural messy impression.

3. Braided Crown which you can try how to braid your hair around the top of your head down in a circle.

4. Low Bun style which is suitable for you with medium and wavy hair or slightly curly hair. The way to make it is by making a low bun with a braid on both sides of the head, then putting it together with a clip which then adds a minimalist flower crown accent on the bun to make it a fancy and casual impression.

That’s a little about the Updo Hairstyle and its variations. Please try some of our suggestions. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Lovely Pink Nuance Classic Lolita Look to visit here.

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