Cool Undercut Haircut For Men’s Who Like A Fresh Look

Undercut Haircut is a short hairstyle by trimming the sides and back of the hair to make it thinner while leaving the rest of the hair long.

This undercut haircut is suitable for all face shapes ranging from those with oval, square, chubby, and even thin faces. Even those of you with curly hair can experiment with this undercut. However, you have to be smart about determining the ideal hair length.

First, for those of you who have a chubby face, you can just choose a short undercut, but of course with a side gradient that shows off the scalp. And make sure your middle hair looks upward volume, this is because the thickened hair upwards is effective in disguising the broad face shape. For those of you who have problems with wide foreheads, you also don’t need to worry. You can also try this hairstyle. An undercut with side bangs that are left stretched could be the perfect choice to disguise this.


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This undercut haircut is also widely varied with various other hairstyles. Like the Comb over undercut, namely by combining the line style combing with a horizontal style and joining it with the undercut at the bottom. The faux hawk undercut is done by trimming the top of the hair short and then forming it upwards with the help of pomade or hair cream.

This layered undercut will give you a layered cut that will make your hair look more volume. Pompadour undercut, which is a combination of modern undercut hairstyles with pompadour hairstyles that focus on styling the top of the hair that is left long and the sides are shaved flat.

The puffy undercut has a characteristic on the top that is combed and puffed up to form a crest. Slicked back undercut for those of you who want to look sleek, more manly, and masculine. As well as a side-swept undercut that is suitable for round-faced men by allowing the hair at the top to be quite long by combing the hair to the sides so that the hair looks a little covering the face.

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