Amazing Women’s Topknot Side-Swept Bangs Hairstyles Ideas

Women’s Topknot Side-Swept Bangs is one hairstyle that you can try if you are bored with the same hairstyle. This style combines a top-knot hairstyle paired with cool side bangs and side-swept that are a summer icon.

A topknot is a high bun hairstyle that is one way to style long hair practically and easily. This hairstyle at a glance is similar to a bun hairstyle. But the difference lies in its position. If the bun haircut is usually tied starting from the center of the head down. The ties are also a little looser. While the top knot, as the name suggests, is tied tightly at the top of the head. You have to start by making a ponytail first.

For Side-Swept itself is a style that has a fairly long haircut with a quiff on one side only, while the overall hair is directed to the other side. This hairstyle can be combined with the bangs that you want.

Bangs are cut in the front of the hair that usually covers the forehead. Generally, bangs are cut in the form of a straight cut above the eyebrow, slightly random, tapered using gel, thrown diagonally, or cut below the eyebrow that covers part of the eye.

Changing bangs may be easy, especially for those of you who want to change your appearance instantly. However, getting the ideal bangs style that fits your face shape is sometimes not easy. One type of bangs in question is Side Bangs which may carry and remind us of high school days which usually end with hairpins. Moreover, combined with the appropriate hairstyle will make your appearance different from before.

Well, one form of variation of the three is Topknot Side-Swept Bangs. This style is very interesting for you to try. You will not only look elegant but also fancy and cool.


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