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Awesome Men’s Tartan Tie What You Can’t-Miss

Tartan Tie is a tie that has a cross pattern of vertical and horizontal lines. Tie with a tartan motif is indeed a lot of interest nowadays. You can try this tartan tie, especially if you want to boost your confidence through an old school look. The plaid tie will complement your outfit with your dark blend.

Tartan is a patterned fabric consisting of alternating, horizontal, and vertical ribbons in various colors. Tartan originated from woven wool but is now made from many other materials. The tartan motif is a motif that is synonymous with Scotland. Where in the past, the kilt or skirt-like fabric used to cover the lower body of the Scot was usually tartan in the pattern. This cloth that is wrapped around the waist is tied with a belt, then equipped with a Sporran or small bag that hangs on the front.

The patterns used on tartan motifs also differ by region. After the mid-19th century, many patterns were made to be associated with Scottish clans, families, or institutions related to Scottish culture. Initially, tartan was made from wool, but now tartan is made from other materials.

The use of Tartan itself is usually complemented by accessories and both types indicate the clan origin of the Scottish people. Where each clan has a different tartan color and motif. Like the tartan color of the Wallace Clan, they are red, black squares with yellow stripes.

Currently, tartan is generally used to describe patterns, not limited to textiles. Nowadays, tartan patterns are widely used in various outfits such as clothes, pants, bags to tartan ties which are very popular because they accentuate the cool old-school retro impression.


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