Trendy Tartan Mini Skirt And Other Plaid Variations

Tartan Mini Skirt is one of the innovations of the mini skirt, which has vertical and horizontal stripes that intersect and overlap and come in various colors. Sometimes the size of the plaid pattern that is stacked can be the same or not the same.

The plaid motif itself is commonly known as the Tartan which has long been known, namely since the 16th century in Scotland. Then in 1850, a plaid pattern appeared on the shirt of Woolrich which was a famous American company. Then followed by hipsters and rock lovers who loved plaid clothes in the 20th century. The success of the plaid pattern has again attracted the attention of today’s world fashion trends.

The Tartan pattern itself is a combination of colorful lines forming a checkerboard. In their home country, Scotland, the tartan motif initially appeared only dominated by red and identical wool. However, now the variants and colors are increasingly diverse. Currently, tartan or plaid motifs can be found in a variety of items, from tops, skirts, and pants to various accessories such as hats and bags. But the most popular is the tartan mini skirt which is much loved by teenage girls.

Tartan Mini Skirt
Tartan Mini Skirt

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Apart from tartan motifs, plaid motifs also have many variations, including the gingham motif that has existed since the 18th century. The Graphic check motif has a smaller checkered pattern and has slimmer lines. This motif also looks like a line crossing on a light white background.

Then there is also the Houndstooth motif which looks like a broken checkered pattern and looks like a dog’s teeth on closer inspection. Madras, which accents poorly across vertical and horizontal lines as a divider, makes this motif bold and has many color combinations.

The tattersall pattern is a grid pattern that features thin, regular spacing. There are vertical lines that are repeated horizontally to form a box. The lines are usually alternating in color and displayed on a light background. And the last one is the windowpane motif which has a large checkered pattern like a windowpane.

That’s a little about tartan mini skirts and other plaid patterns. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Magnificent Purple And Blue Halo Eyes Technique You Must Try to visit here.

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