Awesome Christmas Split Green and Red Hair Color Trend

Split Green and Red can be your hair color inspiration. If you really want to show your Christmas spirit, green and red hair is the way to go. There are lots of fun ways to incorporate a bold red and green hair color into your hair. Like highlights, bleaching, all-over color, and balayage are great ways to add an iconic color to your hair.

You can even try the two-tone effect. Two-tone hair itself means the technique of dyeing hair in two contrasting colors without gradation or ombre. There are many techniques and styles you can use. Among others are :

  • The Rogue, namely the technique of coloring the front of the hair.
  • Just A Quarter, the technique of painting a quarter of the hair. Usually, the part of the hair chosen is the front, either right or left.
  • Half and Half Hair, namely coloring the hair by dividing the hair into two parts of different colors right and left.

Well, the Half and Half Hair technique are the most popular. Many hair owners wear contrasting colors. To have this hairstyle, most people usually divide their hair evenly in half from the middle, horizontally. Then, one part is painted using the selected color, while the other part is left as it is, aka not touched by paint. However, if you want to paint the two sections of hair using unique colors, for example, the Half and Half Red And Green Hair Color which is currently so popular. These two colors are perfect for Christmas because they will be in harmony with a memorable Christmas. Like the picture about Split Green and Red below.


Image Source

That’s a little bit about Split Green and Red. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Magnificent Christmas Icy Blue Snowflake Eyemakeup Inspirations to visit here.

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