Neatly Smart Casual Look From Korean Men’s Style

Smart Casual is one of the dress codes that are synonymous with neat, conventional, but relatively informal impressions. The key to this dress code itself is to present a neat and organized outfit by combining elements from other dress codes. This look will reflect you as a professional, even if your outfit seems relaxed.

Smart casual clothes can be worn for various occasions such as business meetings, casual events, romantic dates, parties, and weddings. This style is suitable for all these occasions as it combines different elements from different dress codes. Then what is the difference between Casual and Smart Casual styles? Of course, the two are different, where the difference lies in the outfits that are used.


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Casual clothes are clothes that we usually wear in our daily life. Casual wear will provide comfort, convenience, and affordability. The clothes we wear for grocery shopping, menial jobs, travel, and other casual occasions can be categorized as casual clothing. This type of clothing should not be worn for parties, weddings, and other formal or ceremonial events. The clothes should not be worn for work either.

Meanwhile, the smart-casual style itself displays a smart, neat, and neat impression that is too casual or formal. To show this style, you can combine the denim that you wear for casual occasions and can be paired with a stylish shirt or top and blazer to achieve the perfect smart-casual style. Trousers, shirts, skirts, long dresses, special sweaters, ties, vests, blazers, shoes, etc. are also usually worn for smart casual clothing. Not only men, but women can also enhance their smart and elegant look by using matching jewelry and wallets.

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