Awesome Slicked Back Undercut Ideas For Teenage Boys

Slicked Back Undercut is one hairstyle that you can inspire for your date on Christmas Eve. This sleek hairstyle with part of the hair that is combed backwards will not only make you look classic and cool but you will also look sleek, more manly, and of course masculine. Besides combing backwards in a straight direction, you can also comb backwards towards the right, or left.

Undercut Haircut is a short hairstyle by trimming the sides and back of the hair to make it thinner while leaving the remaining long hair. This haircut is perfect for all face shapes ranging from those with oval, square, chubby, and even skinny faces. Even those of you with curly hair can experiment with this undercut.

The undercut hairstyle itself is included in the classic hairstyle category because it is an evolution of the hairstyle that has been popular since 1920. This hairstyle reappeared in the 1980s when the bowl cut was again popular. Along with the times, short undercut hairstyles have many variations that are inspired by classic hairstyles.

Some variations are quite popular such as the Caesar undercut, Comb over undercut, Disconnect undercut, Faux hawk undercut, Layered undercut, Pompadour undercut, Puffy undercut, and Side-swept undercut. The undercut hairstyle itself is divided into two major variations, namely messy and slick back. Messy undercuts are usually more playful in texture and work well for those with curly hair. Whereas what is included in the undercut slick back hairstyle is the pompadour, quiff, and man bun.

Well, Slicked Back Undercut is quite popular because it combines the short cut from the undercut and the cool style of the slick back. Like the picture about Slicked Back Undercut below.


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That’s a little bit about Slicked Back Undercut. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Impressive Men’s Maroon Leather Ankle Boots Ideas That Must Try to visit here.

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