Stylish Shaggy Lob Hairstyles With Bangs Ideas

Shaggy Lob Hairstyles is a collaboration between shaggy and lob haircuts and one of the variations of hairstyles that are currently popular in the fashion world. How not, this style will give the impression of volume to the hair. Especially for those of you who have thin hair. A haircut made using the razor cut technique to add wavy ends and a textured finish that can be asymmetrical or blunt this will add a stylish look.

Shaggy’s hairstyle itself has a layered hairstyle that is deliberately made with different hair lengths. Usually, this haircut is irregular and has a fairly dramatic layer spacing. A shaggy hairdo can be a solution to make hair so fluffy. This hairstyle first appeared in the 90s but has become a trend until now because it will make hair look more volume and is chosen by those with thin hair.

While the lob hairstyle or also called mob aka mid-length bob is a bob cut in a longer version that is more precisely above the shoulder, some that fit shoulder-length, and some are below the shoulder. Where the back of the hair is cut slightly shorter than the front of the hair. This hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes, especially with the use of bangs and perms that can make lob hairstyles more varied.

Well, one variation of the trendy hairstyle is the combination of shaggy and lob. namely the shaggy lob hairstyles. This hairstyle is a hairstyle that is suitable for those of you who do have thin or wavy hair. To give the impression of volume to thin hair, you can give it a random look by cutting your hair in a shaggy cut. As for wavy hair, you can simply cut the right section of hair and apply a little hair cream to keep it neat throughout the day.


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