Cute Christmas Rudolph Nail Art Ideas

Rudolph Nail Art can be an inspiration for those of you who are confused about choosing a nail art theme for Christmas. This fictional animal becomes very funny when applied to our nails. Of course, with a combination of colors that match the colors of Christmas and other Santa accessories. Rudolph Nail Art can make you feel like you are with them.

Rudolph is one of the youngest of the nine reindeer belonging to Santa Claus who pulls a sled filled with gifts for children on Christmas Eve. Rudolph is depicted as having a bright red nose and making fun of his friends. But on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus asks Rudolph to be the leader of the reindeer line at the very front because his fiery red nose can provide light on a dark winter night.

But Rudolph as we know it is a fictitious figure or never existed. He is just a fictional character created by Robert Lewis May in 1939. However, because his funny figure makes many people nervous especially with his red nose. And even more surprising, the red nose in reindeer does exist. Reindeer live in arctic regions and northern countries with very cold climates. In addition, if they had to pull Santa’s train into the atmosphere, they would have to endure extremely low temperatures. The amount of blood circulation in the reindeer nose keeps the nose surface warm. The large network of blood vessels in Rudolph’s nose is useful for regulating the temperature in the animal’s body.

Now, you can make Rudolph a reality by applying it to our nails to make it more beautiful and attractive by playing pretty pastel colors. Like the Rudolph Nail Art picture below.


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That’s Rudolph Nail Art. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Sweet Ribbon Hairstyles For Teenage Girls to visit here.

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