Impressive Repp Striped Ties For a Groomsman

Repp Striped is the most classic tie motif ever. The repp motif was the first tie motif available, which came into use in the 1800s in the United States which was also much favored by students in the UK. Even so, the repp motive is very timeless and not out of date.

The Repp Striped Tie is a fine weave that produces a texture which then forms a striped pattern. Where the characteristic of this motif is the thin diagonal line. Thin diagonal lines on this tie that can highlight your overall appearance. This tie is suitable for both casual and formal occasions.


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As a man, the style of dress requires that you use attributes such as ties sometimes quite confusing. Choosing motifs, materials, and colors that match the shirt is not easy to do. Coupled with a variety of tie patterns, ranging from diagonal to a very unique pattern sometimes makes you overwhelmed in choosing it. Not to mention the many rules for using a tie, sometimes it might make you feel confused when you use it.

Well, we will give tips so that you look cool with a tie. First, you can choose shirts with neutral colors like white, gray, beige, or black. These colors tend to be more easily combined with a variety of motifs and tie colors that you wear. Second, you can choose a tie with the material in accordance with the event you will attend. For example, using a cotton tie for a slightly casual occasion, and a silk tie when attending a formal invitation.

Finally, you should not use shirts and ties that have a similar pattern, because it will make the tie stand out from the shirt you are wearing. You can choose the style or motif as you wish, but one motif that is suitable and safe enough to use is the Repp Striped motif.

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