Look Smart Impressions With Women’s Preppy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Preppy Thanksgiving Outfit can be one style that you can try. This style that is synonymous with students with a neat, smart, and elegant impression does look formal but it will be cooler for you and a touch of elegance. The term ‘Preppy’ itself is taken from the word ‘Preparatory’ or preparation. In America, there is something called the Preparatory School, which is a school that specifically prepares students to continue their studies at the University. From this, the Preppy Look style of the dress later emerged.

Preppy Style or Preppy Look itself is a style that is synonymous with college kids or students who are synonymous with classic, elegant, neat, and smart impressions. Even though it seems a little formal, it still maintains the youthful impression of the wearer. Around 1912, preppy look began to become a trend, especially among students at universities in America, such as Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. The preppy look presented an atmosphere of American teenage fashion at that time who was about to become a student.

But nowadays, the preppy look is interpreted more creatively. You can use a tweed jacket or blazer with slightly more flashy colors like golden brown or orange and use an inner garment with eye-catching motifs to get a preppy look that is more fashionable and trendy. Different types of subordinates can also be paired with the boss. Instead of wearing a plain model, you can use loose slack like harem pants to give a more stylish impression to the preppy look you are wearing.

Now, for women, you can try combining a plaid shirt with a plaid skirt with a little lipstick, and don’t forget that calf-length boots will add to the elegant and preppy impression in you. Like the picture for Preppy Thanksgiving Outfit for women below.


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That’s a little bit about the Preppy Thanksgiving Outfit. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Magnificent Warm Pink Look For Celebration Christmas Night to visit here.

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