Cool Pompadour Fade Haircut Combinations What Makes You Look Classy

Pompadour Fade Haircut is a hairstyle that is currently popular. This hairstyle that combines haircut fade with pompadour will not only make men look cool but also classy because of the neat effect it produces.

The pompadour hairstyle itself is long and long at the top and a little short on the sides. Many variations of this haircut like the classic Pompadour leave the sides of the hair long and don’t reveal the scalp. A more modern messy pompadour and deliberately messy hair to give it a natural effect. Or the side pompadour style is a side-styled crest.

While the fade style has a characteristic hair length gradient that can be adjusted as desired. This classic haircut technique has gained popularity since the 1950s. Usually, this haircut is very short at the top of the neck and lengthens upward. You can also easily combine it with various hairstyles, one of which is the men’s short pompadour hairstyle.

Well, the Pompadour Fade Haircut itself is a combination of the two. You can make it into several variations. Like a short pompadour fade, which is synonymous with neat and shiny hair. Disconnected pompadour fade made popular by Cristian Ronaldo. Shaved pompadour which is characterized by a more contrasting hair gradient. Slick back pompadour fade which is very fashionable and modern and suitable for oval face shape and narrow forehead. Or also with a textured pompadour fade that you can wear if you don’t have hair that’s too long for the slicked-back style. This textured pompadour fade haircut will make your thin hair look thicker.


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Well, no matter what hairstyle you use, make sure to style it, and use pomade to make your hair look neater. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Amazing Barbie Makeup Look Ideas That Can You Try to visit here.

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