How to Take Care of a Pleated Skirt to Look Elegant When Used

Pleated Skirt is one of the skirt innovations that comes and enlivens the world of fashion. This skirt has long been known to the public, especially among women. The hallmark of this skirt is that it has many vertical folds. The function of the fold of this skirt is not only for decoration or design complements but also to increase flexibility and adjust the body shape.

Initially, the fold can only be applied to materials that have intersecting patterns, but currently, meter material has textured folds. The details of the fold are a kind of fold found in fashion designs and were used since the Victorian era. Folds are usually applied on the bottom like a pleated skirt or a dress with a pleated bottom at that time.

This skirt with many vertical folds began to be known in the fashion industry in 1924 and became very popular in the 1980s so that it became one of the prima donnas among women at that time. But who would have thought this type of skirt became so popular nowadays because it would present vintage and retro styles simultaneously. Also by wearing this skirt you will look more chic and feminine.


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Now, pleated skirts are increasingly developing with various models, designs, materials, to more diverse motifs. This skirt also has a flexible nature, because it can be used on various occasions, ranging from going to parties to office clothes, or can also be used as casual wear every day. Therefore, the wearer will not feel worried to change costumes when he will attend the event suddenly.

However, many people do not know how to care for this type of pleated skirt. Taking care of this skirt is not as easy as it seems, because you can’t carelessly iron and wash so the folds are neat. We recommend that when ironing the pleated skirt you should use a regular automatic electric iron that is widely used today to get neater results.

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