Stylish Women’s Plain White Tee For Any Look

Plain White Tee or better known as Basic Tee or Basic T-Shirt is one of the outfits made of fabric with a shape like a letter T with a design having short sleeves and a round neckline, and no collar. T-shirts are generally made of elastic, lightweight, and cheap, and easy to clean.

Outfits this one is a type of clothing that covers part of the arms, the entire chest, shoulders, and stomach. A T-shirt typically does not have buttons, collar, or pocket. In general, the T-shirt is short-sleeved, crosses the shoulders to the elbow, and has a round neck. The most common materials used to make T-shirts are cotton with stockinette or jersey knit or polyester.

T-shirts were originally used as underwear for British and American soldiers in the 19th century until the early 20th century. At that time they used T-shirts without designs, were white, and there were no variations in size, collar, and sleeve circumference because t-shirts at that time it is only used as daily clothes when they do activities that do not use uniforms when the air is hot. While the general public at that time did not know the use of T-shirts. But slowly this one outfit entered and became one of the casual clothes that many people wear.

Currently, basic t-shirts like plain white tee have many variations ranging from coming with various designs and fabrics to coming in various basic colors which make them one of the most widely worn clothes today. Basic t-shirts are very popular because they are very flexible in use. Whether it’s only used as top outfits or as a garment that can be combined with lots of outwear.

Like one of them is combining a basic t-shirt like the Plain White Tee with striped short pants like the following picture. Wow, of course, besides being comfortable, your appearance will be even more stylish and shine under the sun during the summer.


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