Look Girly With Women’s Plaid Mini Skirt Ideas

Plaid Mini Skirt is a woman’s skirt that has a plaid pattern in the form of vertical or horizontal stripes and is usually used to create a retro style. The Plaid Mini Skirt itself is a mini skirt that is only about 10-15 cm long or more above the knee with a plaid pattern in various colors.

This type of mini skirt will make the wearer appear slimmer and taller by showing off her legs. In addition, a mini skirt with a plaid motif can give its users a feminine, chic, and girly impression. The impression is unique and firm, making skirts with this motif much favored by teenagers today. Plaid skirts have been around for a long time to enliven the fashion world.


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Actually, the plaid pattern has long been known, namely since the 16th century. Where at that time the plaid pattern was better known as the tartan motif. Then in the 1850s, a plaid pattern appeared on the shirts of Woolrich which was a well-known American company. This skirt is widely used by hipsters and rock music lovers who like plaid clothes in the 20th century. Since then, the plaid pattern has successfully attracted the attention of the public and has become the attention of world fashion trends to date.

The plaid pattern itself is made of several overlapping lines. The stacked box sizes can be the same or not the same. This one box motif generally requires two or more colors. This motif is usually used in a wide variety of items ranging from tops, skirts, and pants to various accessories such as hats and bags.

In addition to retro styles, you can create various styles with plaid mini skirts such as preppy styles, grunge styles, quirky chic, classic looks, edgy looks, to street styles that are so popular. Of course, with the right combination of top clothes. You can try wearing tops such as sweaters, shirts, crop tops, or other types of outwear such as cardigans, jeans jackets, or leather jackets.

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