Attractive Pixie Cut For Your Hair To Welcome Summer

Pixie Cut is a super short haircut. Usually synonymous with a short cut on the back of the hair, but a little longer on the side. Pixie hairstyle is one short haircut that has a tomboyish impression that will make women look chic but still look elegant. It is also easy to care for, we only need to pinch it slightly or use hair gel to make it neater.

The pixie cut model is similar to the haircut that is commonly used in men’s hair models. But women today make this haircut as their favorite haircut. Especially those who like the look that does not like complicated. Pixie haircuts were popular in the 1950s, but are now a favorite again. Besides being relatively easier to care for, short haircut is also suitable for you who want to be practical.


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Even though it looks masculine, a neatly arranged pixie and juxtaposed with makeup still makes you feel feminine. Pixie cuts have a variety of models depending on what style you want to cut your hair. Many styles that you can use for reference pixie hair such as Classic Pixie, Choppy Pixie, Ombre Pixie, Buzz Cut Pixie, Side Swept Pixie, Undercut Pixie, to Wavy Pixie Cut.

Among the types of pixie haircuts. The most popular three of them are Pixie Buzz Cut which is a combination of male buzz pieces with a pixie. Also, this funky haircut will make you look cooler like Undercut Pixie. Or Ombre Pixie by coloring hair with two contrasting colors to create a striking impression.

How about ladies, interested in cutting your hair into a super short pixie cut. If so, don’t forget to follow our advice. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles. About Most Popular Summer Nail Art Designs to Give a Shine Look.

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