Stunning Orange Peel Makeup Ideas That Must Keep At Winter

Orange Peel Makeup is actually a trendy fashion color that is perfect for summer wear. But what happens if this color is also used in winter. The color created by the combination of red and yellow will not only look very cheerful and vibrant in the new year but will also make you stand out even more when applied to our faces.

The orange peel itself is defined as a bumpy and rough surface texture that resembles an orange peel. The texture distorts the reflected light, causing the reflected image to become blurry. However, the color of the tangerine creates a positive, strong, warm, flamboyant, or majestic energy.

The color is quite cute, usually, it can make you look super stunning when attending parties or other formal events. Makeup with this style can still be used to carry out daily activities such as going to the office, campus, or other activities. You can apply this color all over your face. The key lies in the eye makeup, you can make it as soft as possible, but not too soft because it can remove the fresh impression from the orange color.

Eye makeup that will look adorable in an orange hue. Your appearance will also look more energetic, and you don’t have to worry about wearing bright colors in the eye area. The trick, apply orange eyeshadow on the eyelids. Without eyeliner, just use mascara and it will make your eyes look fresh and on point. For events at night, add a slightly darker color at the tip of the eyelid. But if you want to use cat eyes eyeliner to give a dramatic impression.

As for the cheeks, apply an orange peel blush on your cheek bulge with a gentle circular motion, and don’t be too thick so it doesn’t look flashy, but still stands out. Finally, apply an orange lipstick with a pale texture. And you are ready to look amazing. Like the Orange Peel Makeup picture below.


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That’s a little tutorial about Orange Peel Makeup. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Magnificent Sparkling Maroon For Your Year-End Manicure Art Inspiration to visit here.

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