Amazing Turquoise Ombre Color Wedding Cake Inspirations

Ombre Color can be said as a shadow color or gradation color. This technique is inspired by the makeup coloring technique with the concept of shading which can create the illusion of a shadow effect on the face. The variation of the ombre style that is most often chosen is a two-tone gradient, usually a color that is chosen from dark to light or vice versa. However, it is also possible to use other colors such as soft pastels.

The ombre technique has also inspired hair trends. Where the Ombre technique can give the illusion of a shadow by using dark colors at the hair roots and light colors from the middle to the ends. The color gradations that are combined will look soft and beautiful without any obvious color transfer. So, your hair is not only dyed carelessly but also has its own tricks to make it look more elegant.

Now, the Ombre Technique is not only applied to make-up or hair color, but also to wedding cakes. Where the wedding cake is designed and made using ombre colors that produce 2 original colors and 1 shade or gradient, but the resulting color can produce 2 more colors. The colors you choose can be adjusted according to your needs, such as the theme of the wedding or you can also match the season.


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The colors used for winter tend to be dark but have a nude look. As for the colors that are usually used for summer, bright colors that seem soft, such as blue, orange, pink, coral, or even purple. Well, one of the unexpected ones that are also suitable to be used and used as an ombre color is the turquoise color.

Turquoise, also known as aquamarine, is a mix of blue and green with a hint of yellow which is very popular because of its uniqueness. This warm and fresh color is widely used in almost all elements. Starting from decorations, wedding concepts to beautiful wedding cakes. You can use a turquoise color that you have graded with white to accentuate a fresh but warm impression.

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