Awesome Autumn Women’s Olive Green Army Bomber Jacket Ideas

You can make Olive Green Army Bomber Jacket as an outwear for your fall. Bomber jackets in olive green or chive green color that are synonymous with leaf color and army style are not only attractive but will also look cool even if worn by men or women. Olive Green Army Bomber Jacket is sure to be your next favorite style.

Bomber Jacket is the name for the type of jacket today which is loved by many people. The bomber jacket was originally born for the military activities of the United States Air Force (US) in World War I. Finally, a jacket with a wrap-around neck with tight sleeves and zip pockets was designed and made of sheepskin in layers.

This design was not just made, the pieces and materials were made to warm the pilots at high altitude during the war at that time. Gradually, bomber jackets came in various cool designs and shapes, and colors. This jacket is even one of the army looks besides the parka jacket.

Army style or army look is a fashion, where the fashion or clothing is synonymous with everything that is military and is often identified with a strong and tough impression. Army Look is always synonymous with olive color. This color was always on every soldier’s clothes because it made it easier for them to hide in the bush.

But even so, to get the impression of an army, you can use other colors such as tan, khaki, to olive-drab which are masculine colors with clear lines. These colors are quite easy to combine with even plain clothes. Like the thing with the following picture of Olive Green Army Bomber Jacket.


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That’s a little about the Olive Green Army Bomber Jacket. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles The Perfect Combination Of Basic T-Shirt With Flannel Shirt to visit here.

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