Awesome Nature Smokey For Wedding Makeup Inspirations

Nature Smokey is one of the inspirations for the makeup look that is currently loved by women and is so popular along with other fashion looks. This makeup blends a natural feel but also has a strong impression. Namely by accentuating the eye makeup with a strong look combined with other facial makeup that looks natural.

Smokey’s own makeup refers to makeup with a strong impression and uses dark neutral colors that tend to be dark. This make-up is suitable for all skin types and will give off a glamorous yet elegant look. The most popular smokey make-up is smokey eyes.


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Smokey Eye itself is a term used for eye makeup that emphasizes the use of dark and bold colors that give a dramatic effect. Usually, the color used is black combined with other colors such as brown, green, or gray. The muted colors are blended for a dramatic effect and a subtle finish.

For a dramatic effect, tint the eyes with a dark, strong eyeshadow. But not with eyeshadow, you can also use other things to color your eyes to be more dramatic like using Kohl to get a dark and dark eye impression.

Well, here we provide a way to get Nature Smokey Eyes for beginners. First, you need neutral colors that tend to be dark like black, brown, and light brown or gold for eyeshadow. First, apply a light brown or gold eyeshadow to the entire eyelid. Blend until evenly into the eye crease area. Try not to over brush the eye shadow under the eyebrows to create a gradient, where the color is getting younger.

Then apply brown eye shadow only on the lids, not over the crease area. You also need to apply brown eye shadow under the eye area too. And apply black color only on the outer edge of the eye little by little. The black blend should only extend to the middle of the eyelid and the crease area of ​​the eye. Blend well so there are no harsh lines. Finally, add eyeliner in the eye line area. Make sure to make the eyeliner as thick and bold as possible in color.

That’s a little information and how to get Nature Smokey Eyes Makeup. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Calm Deep Mauve Color For Autumn Wedding Dress Ideas to visit here.

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