Cool Men’s Cargo Pants That You Can Try To Wear To The Office To Create A Different Style

Men’s Cargo Pants is one of the pants that are widely used by men and is one of the most popular pants besides jeans. The comfortable style, masculine and tough look, and made of strong materials make this type of trouser model can be used in various activities and occasions, from casual to semi-formal events.

In addition, these baggy trousers also have multiple pockets, which are usually located on the thighs, hips, and sometimes the buttocks. Generally consists of 6 pockets, namely 2 pockets on the right and left, and 2 more on the back of the pants. These pockets are characteristic of cargo pants that can be easily distinguished from other pants.

Actually the pockets owned by cargo pants are not made without reason. These pants were originally made for reasons of practicality and efficiency. Where the model of this type of pants is seen from the aspect of functionality, which must have enough storage bags to load the items that will be needed.


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Men’s cargo pants have been around since 1938 which were originally used by the British military. Made of thick material, strong and not easily torn so it is suitable even in tough terrain. The pockets on cargo pants were used to store radios, ammunition, and other important objects for military purposes at that time.

Apart from military activities, men’s cargo pants are also widely used by rock climbers. Besides that, it is also suitable for those of you who like traveling and is suitable for even tough terrain. Currently cargo pants have various designs and models that are increasingly dynamic and practical so that the wearer does not need to feel excessive worry. The world’s fashion trends have also attracted the design of cargo pants to be more developed, freer, more dynamic, and of course more fashionable.

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