Fancy Summer Aquamarine Marble Nail Art Ideas

Marble Nail Art is a technique of painting nails that is done by combining 2 or more colors and is shaped or drawn beautifully like a marble shape. Creativity on the nails with this marble design resembles the shape of a marble that has a cool character, but still elegant. This form of nail art has become one of the popular fashion trends, especially among nail art lovers.

Generally, the method used in nail art is with quartz nail art. Quartz nails are the art of decorating nails that make it look like marble stone. This trend is very popular because of its ability to display a chic style but still elegant. This nail art is perfect when you are dating a partner.

For your own color, you can try any color you want. But if you want the right look for summer, it doesn’t hurt to try bright colors but tends to be soft like pastel colors. This is perfect for a warm and cheerful summer image.

Well, one of the colors that you can try for your marble nail art is aquamarine. Aquamarine color is arguably a unique color in the world of fashion and is no less popular with other colors such as yellow and orange for example. The character of the aquamarine color is cheerful but mysterious, attracts attention, and can emit energy.


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Unfortunately, not many people pay attention to this beautiful color. For one thing, many thought it was green or light blue. Though aquamarine itself is a mixture of both colors. Not a few people call it the turquoise color. This color can be combined with other bright colors like golden yellow, bronze, beige, orange, and so on.

Usually, people who like to use this usually have a high level of confidence. This color, which is also often called aqua, can directly provide its own comfort and beauty. Including your marble nail art. You can try to paint or attach fake nails with marble shapes and aquamarine colors.

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