Fancy Magenta Lipstick Color And Enjoy Your Best Autumn Season

Magenta is a color that is produced by mixing rose red and blue, where this color is right in the middle of the two colors. The red color, which is also called the country Fuchsia color, will give a fresh and cheerful impression. Fuchsia is the name of a plant that has a mixture of pink, purple, and red flowers.

The name “Magenta” itself is taken from the aniline dye which was created and patented in 1859 by the French chemist François-Emmanuel Verguin. Where originally called fuchsine, therefore Magenta is also called fuchsia. However, the name was later changed to celebrate the Italian-French victory at the Battle of Magenta which took place between France and Austria on 4 June 1859, near the Italian city of Magenta in Lombardy. A nearly identical color, called roseine, was coined in 1860 by two English chemists: Chambers Nicolson and George Maule.

Magenta is one of the four ink colors used in color printing by inkjets, along with yellow, black, and cyan to create all other colors. Magenta is one of the basic colors of the CMYK system in printing. Where this approach to color can be obtained from the RGB system by mixing Red and Blue to the maximum. The magenta tone used in printing is called “Magenta Printer”.

Magenta and Fuchsia are very popular colors in women’s fashion and are sometimes referred to as Hollywood Cerise. Some items that use this color such as women’s purses, tops, lipsticks, handbags, belts, or other accessories, fuchsia is the color that dominates the fashion industry today. One item that is no less popular is the Magenta Lipstick Color which gives a fresh and cheerful impression and is very suitable to be applied to women with brown skin. As shown in Magenta Lipstick Color below.


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