Luxury Violet And Gold Look For Year-End Nail Art Ideas

Luxury Violet And Gold could be one look that you can try for nail art ideas later this year. You will get a luxurious and elegant look, especially if you are bored with nail art ideas and that same color. Therefore, try a manicure technique with this theme.

So, to create nail art with a Luxury Violet And Gold look, we provide the tutorial. First, you need to apply another violet or light purple nail polish. Wait and let it dry. Then use sheer white nail polish and let it dry again. Then use the gold-colored nail polish using the manicure tool and form the pattern or sequence of the image you want. Now, leave one nail to be given a dotted pattern randomly, and make sure to fill your nail with the dots. And finally, finish with a layer of transparent topcoat to avoid peeling nail polish.

You can see the results like the Luxury Violet And Gold Look nail art image below. How beautiful and elegant right?


Image Source

Violet and gold colors seem to blend into one and give off a soft, calm, elegant, and luxurious impression that is not excessive.

Well, the manicure tool referred to above is a manicure tool that has a shape like an ordinary pen but with a round trip of a metal rod at each end. This manicure tool, which has a small diameter not exceeding 2 mm, is ideal for gold nail designs for home use. Not only can you draw dots easily, but with a round stem, it can easily draw not only dots, but also geometric abstractions, floral patterns, lace ornaments, and other compositions.

That’s a little bit about nail art with a Luxury Violet And Gold look. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Stylish Winter Color Blocking Fashion Outfits That Can You Try to visit here.

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