Look Gorgeous In Summer With Lace Wedding Dress For Bride’s Inspirations

Lace Wedding Dress is a wedding dress that is lined with lace. Dresses with lace material are indeed widely chosen, especially by women who want to hold weddings in the summer. Therefore, lace wedding dress is very suitable to use in the summer because besides it will look beautiful, you will also not be too hot. There are many colors to choose from to make a lace dress. For summer you can use bright pastel colors but seem soft and unusual dress designs in general.

Lace is a fabric made of thread with an open pattern and is made by machine or by hand. Lace is a material that is light and comfortable to wear during the summer, which is usually applied to dresses or as an addition. The lace itself has been known since the 19th century, to be precise during the Victorian era, when it was used as a mourning garment among widows.

Lace was also not very popular when it entered the 20th century because it was considered less modern and out of date. Perhaps at that time, many people remember lace as an ancient tablecloth or window curtain. But now, in the 21st century, lace has gained an important place in the world of fashion. Lace is the favorite fabric of wedding dress designers. In their hands, lace turns into lace wedding dress a modern, romantic, beautiful, and feminine look.


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At first glance, lace is similar to brocade fabric. The difference lies in the way it is made. Brocade is a type of cloth made of silk and sometimes made through weaving embroidery techniques using gold or silver threads and has a unique and intricate pattern. However, this is what makes brocade a classy type of fabric and the price is quite expensive and varies depending on whether the brocade design is complicated or not.

In essence, brocade fabric looks thicker in texture. Unlike the lace which is made by knitting and has a lighter structure. Lace is a fabric made of yarn with an open pattern whose basic material is a kind of elastic mesh so that when used it can form indentations. This type of lace fabric looks hollow and transparent, so you have to use upholstery to use it.

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