Eccentric Kullu Dress Style That Can You Try

Kullu Dress Style is one of the innovations of outfits that come in harmony with the bohemian dress style. This loose-cut dress with lively motifs in natural colors and made of comfortable and cool material not only makes you look cool but also artistic.

Bohemian style or boho style itself is a fashion style that has existed since the 1950s and was first popularized by hippie travelers in the United States, the Mediterranean, and Europe. This style generally applies unconventional methods and styles with a more eccentric lifestyle.

The Bohemian expression itself refers to and is close to the gypsy style, a lifestyle that does not want to have a house and a permanent place to live so that their lives tend to be free. Therefore, the bohemian dress style combines several styles such as hippie, ethnic, and vintage styles to give the impression of a classic, freedom in a dress but still stylish.

Bohemian style tends to be quirky and has a deep artistic impression so that people who wear a bohemian style usually describe someone who loves art and freedom of expression in appearance. Therefore, most of the clothes worn are loose-cut clothes with busy motifs such as ethnic Romanian motifs, flowers or geometric patterns, and sometimes colliding.

Not only busy motifs, for the colors used for bohemian styles, they usually use a lot of earthy colors such as brown, army green, yellow, and other distinctive and natural colors. In addition, the bohemian style focuses on the harmony of nature so that this dress style always uses materials from natural fibers, such as hemp, cotton, chiffon, lace, or silk, and strictly avoids synthetic-like fabrics of polyester.

Well, one of the outfits that you can try to get a bohemian look is this Kullu dress style.


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That’s a little about the Kullu Dress Style and an explanation of the bohemian style. Hopefully inspiring. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Elegant Flutter Sleeve Dress Ideas to visit here.

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