Trendy Korean Schoolboy Style That Can You Try

Korean Schoolboy Style is one style that you should try. The reason is, the style that is synonymous with the style of schoolgirls is not only neat and looks cool, but can also accentuate the soft impression of a flower boy style, especially if you are right in choosing the clothes. This style is synonymous with Korean men in the eyes of the world today.

Especially at this time, the name South Korea was at its peak. What else if not because of the influence of Kpop which is currently so popular. This makes him well known for producing cool and talented actors, actresses, musicians, and idols of course. The cultural popularity of the land of ginseng has made it a trendsetting country in many ways. Not only from the influence of Kpop and its music but also makeup, skincare, to fashion are interesting things to always talk about.

Korean fashion itself is currently loved by many people because even though it is simple it can give a classy impression, especially the fashion worn by Korean men. Where the existing fashion tends to follow the trend of K-pop idols who generally like casual styles.

Men in Korea, whether they are teenagers, or even older ones, are always good at mixing and matching clothes so that they always look fashionable at all times, even with simple outfits. One of the unpopular styles is the Korean schoolboy style which is becoming a trend nowadays because of its similar fashion and indeed this korean schoolboy style, recently stealing the world’s attention.

Korean men often appear in schoolboy styles, such as combining basic white shirts wrapped in shirts such as flannel shirts or plain shirts with jeans and sneakers. Don’t forget to complete it with a shoe carrying bag. As shown below.



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