Magnificent Christmas Icy Blue Snowflake Eyemakeup Inspirations

Icy Blue Snowflake can be an eye makeup inspiration if you are bored with the same themes and colors. The snowflake theme is currently not only a nail art theme but can also be used as an inspiration for makeup, especially on the eyes. Snowflakes are often traditional seasonal imagery or motifs used throughout the Christmas season. Snowflakes seem to represent a traditional White Christmas.

Snowflakes are single ice crystals or collections of ice crystals that fall from Earth’s atmosphere that come in all sizes and shapes. Snowflakes are white instead of blue even though they are made of pure ice, this is because the reflection is scattered over the entire light spectrum in the tiny crystals.

The blue color symbolizes loyalty, trust, intelligence, and also represents a symbol of devotion. This is due to the soothing nuances it emits. The blue color has various types and colors. Among them are dark blue colors including Deep sky blue, Dodger blue, cornflower blue, medium slate blue, royal blue, medium blue, dark blue, navy, Midnight blue, to pure blue itself.

Then there are light blue colors, for example, Aqua, cyan, light cyan, pale turquoise, to aquamarine. And the blue color is a bit pale, which is a blue color that is not too bright, but also not too dark. This slightly pale blue color has various names such as Turquoise, Medium Turquoise, Dark Turquoise, Cadet Blue, Steel Blue, Light Steel Blue, Powder Blue, Light Blue, Sky Blue, Light Sky Blue to Icy Blue.

It is this Icy Blue color that represents snowflakes in winter. You can use VIcy Blue Snowflake as an eye makeup inspiration for Christmas. Like the Icy Blue Snowflake image below.


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That’s a little bit about Icy Blue Snowflake. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Cool Men’s Athleisure Streetwear Ideas For a Christmas Date to visit here.

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