Show Your Futuristic Style With Great Hippie Glasses Ideas

Hippie Glasses are one of the innovations of glasses that are made for those of you who want a unique futuristic look. If the glasses are originally synonymous with people who have an abnormal vision, to avoid direct eye contact from sun exposure, and dust when driving. However, currently, glasses are becoming a trend in the fashion world, especially with the increasing number of models and types of glasses that are emerging. One of them is this Hippie Glasses. These glasses are inspired by the hippie style.

Hippie itself is a culture that emerged in the United States around the mid-1960s during the turmoil of the Youth Movement, known as the hippie culture. These Hippies often wear colorful clothes with various motifs and are very busy. Eccentric clothing actually has high artistic value. They usually wish to convey a desire to live in peace and simplicity. This style can provide an expression of freedom that other styles rarely have.

The life philosophy of a hippie is to live simply. Therefore they are seen wearing simple clothes, which are made of light but comfortable fabrics. The hippie form of simplicity is also manifested in their action of traveling from one place to another which is also called a nomad. Hippies are also synonymous with freedom. The view of freedom they dreamed of seemed to want to tear down the established walls of Western civilization which were considered hypocritical.

Now, because it’s unique, quirky, and artsy, hippie-style fashion is also a trendsetter. Among them is a Maxi Dress with thin material with a touch of sweet lace, a tassel bag to make your appearance even more unique and ethnic, boots with suede material, or also with complementary accessories such as hippie glasses.


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