Cute Hime Cut That Can Your Try For Japanese Look

Hime Cut is a straight hairstyle usually along the cheeks and front fringe. Where the hair on the front is cut seductively, while the hair on the side is cut until it touches the cheek, and the hair on the back is left long.

As the name suggests, the Hime hairstyle is a popular hairstyle derived from the shoulder-length “amasogi” hairstyle commonly worn in the Imperial court during the Heian Period in Japanese history. When a woman is 20 years old, the hair around her ears is cut off in a ceremony called “binsogi”. The combination of amasogi and binsogi produces a cut of the hime.

Noblewomen and members of the royal family in Japan at that time used this hairstyle first, in order to make themselves look and look different from usual women. They grow hair like this their whole life. This is not without cause. At that time, only a handful of wealthy women who could look like this hairstyle could do hair care at that time. But now, the hime hairstyle has begun to be used by women of all ages from all over the world.

Well, here’s how to produce Hime Cut.

The Hime Cut hairstyle is usually recommended for women with long, straight hair. In this haircut, part of the hair, especially on the backside, is left to remain long and while the side of the hair is cut to the length of the cheek. The front hair is usually cut very short by forming bangs and aligning the eyebrows on the face. However, there are also some of them that do not cut this part of the bangs short and it all depends on the type of face.


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