Magnificent Purple And Blue Halo Eyes Technique You Must Try

Halo Eyes is a make-up look that focuses more on the eyes to make the eyes appear bigger and more expressive. This technique is similar to the smoky eye makeup technique, except that the eyeshadow color used for the halo eye technique is brighter, such as purple and blue.


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This eye makeup will give a special highlight with a blend of colors that can make the eyes look big and wide. Halo eyes basically sandwich the lightest eyeshadow colors such as metallic or shimmery in between medium or darker eyeshadow colors. Sometimes it takes several different makeup brushes to get this eye makeup.

To make this halo eyes makeup, first, you need to apply primer first on the eyelid, then apply a dark, unlittered eyeshadow on the outer corner and then on the inner corner starting from the upper and lower lids following the length of the lashes. . This is the key to hello eye make up because if you do the center part first it will be more difficult to form the hello eyes.

Then, you can start to paint the middle of your eyelids with a lighter but glittery eyeshadow color to make it look more shimmering. You can apply this middle part with a slightly wet brush so that the eyeshadow color looks more intense. Then add some light shimmering to the corners of the eyes to give it a ‘hello’ effect and to add a brighter look to the eyes. You can also balance this look by applying a similar effect to the under-eye area. Don’t forget to blend back the dark corners to make it tidier. When finished, you can apply eyeliner and fake lashes to make your eyes look more perfect.

Well, how does this technique seem tricky? So what are you waiting for, let’s try? Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Cool Undercut Haircut For Men’s Who Like A Fresh Look to visit here.

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