Magnificent Hair Coloring Technique Ideas With Half And Half Red and Gray Colors

Half And Half Red and Gray Colors can be a combination of hair colors that you can try. How not, if our hair has 2 different hair colors on the right and left, it will not only make our appearance cooler, but you will also stand out among other women.

Hair coloring is one way to change our hair color. Usually, hair coloring is intended for beauty, to cover the gray or white hair, to change the color that is considered more desirable or by method, or it can also be to restore the original hair color after being faded due to the styling process or the influence of the sun. Basically, the principle of choosing the right hair color is to choose a color two shades darker or lighter than our skin tone.

Well, one of the hair coloring techniques that you can try is the half and half technique, which is a technique where you dye your hair in two different colors on the right and left sides. For those of you who like dark colors, you can use red and gray colors to dye their hair using the half hair technique. The red color can be of various types, but we recommend you to wear dark red hair dye or tend to be maroon. As Half And Half Red and Gray Colors below.


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You can do hair coloring at the salon or you can dye your hair yourself at home. But make sure the hair color you choose matches your skin for maximum results. For those of you who have fair skin, you can try dying your hair in bright colors like orange, rose gold, and nude.

However, if you have an oriental face, the dark color will make your skin brighter. Especially with the contouring technique using gray, your face will look different and not dull. For owners of tanned skin, there’s no need to bother, because the reflection of gray and green can make your style different from usual. Your exotic skin will glow more naturally this summer.

That’s a little about Half And Half Red and Gray Colors. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Classic Men’s Ivy-league Style Haircut Ideas to visit here.

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