Gothic Fashion Style

Look Fierce With Elegant Gothic Fashion Style

Gothic Fashion Style is a fashion style that is synonymous with mysterious, dark, exotic, and mystical impressions. It is inspired by medieval fashion, horror literature, horror films, surrealism, and 80s punk rock music, and has adapted many styles from the Punk, Victorian, and Elizabeth fashion eras.

The gothic fashion style itself was present because of the rebellion that occurred at that time, namely the rebellion against disco fashion in the 1970s and protests against pastel colors and luxury in the 1980s. Initially, gothic clothing featured black clothes, pale white skin, black hair, dark makeup such as black lipstick, black eyeliner to black nail polish. However, this look is starting to fade and develop into something that is not much different as the music, film, and technology industries change.

The Gotic Fashion style itself has several types according to their respective eras, including Gothic Punk by 80s punk rock band fashion, Steampunk Gothic inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s technology and medieval fashion, Japanese Gothic influenced by visual music group fashion Kei in Japan that combines Gothic fashion with Harajuku fashion.

Then Gotik Victoria which is inspired by medieval fashion and dark literary works, and Gotik Industrial which is a fashion that emphasizes black like basic gothic fashion, but is inspired by futuristic styles. Industrial fashion fans are also fans of industrial genre music and science fiction films.

Nowadays many people like and adopt the gothic style as their style like the photo below.

Gothic Fashion Style
Gothic Fashion Style

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This is because this style is known as an elegant style and has a mysterious impression. That’s a little explanation about the Gothic Fashion Style for you. Hopefully, inspire you. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Cozy Striped Pattern Fabric Pants For Women Who Want To Look Long View to visit here.

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