Perfect Combination Of Gold And Blush Pink Saree

Gold And Blush Pink Saree is a perfect combination that you can try. This Gold And Blush Pink Saree will be very beautiful if you wear it at a wedding. With unique clothes and muted colors, you will not only amaze your guests but you will also feel like a princess from a great Indian empire. Saree itself is a type of cloth or clothing that is usually worn by women in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. These garments consisted of non-sewn fabric, varying in length from 4-9 meters which were worn on the body in various styles. The use of the sari itself is to wrap around the waist with one end still free being carried across and over the woman’s shoulders.

Sari is usually used to cover petticoat or inner clothes such as pavada / pavadai in South India, and East Indian Shaya with a choli or ravika blouse. Choli itself has short arms and a low neck to adapt South Asians to the scorching hot summers.

If seen, Sari is similar to Lehenga. Because both of them are traditional women’s clothing from India. But in fact, the two are clearly different.

If the Lehenga is traditional Indian clothing that has been worn by women since ancient times. In many parts of India, it is also called Ghagra Choli. This garment consists of a lower part called Lehenga and an upper part called a choli or corset. There is also a third part of the complete outfit which is called a dupatta. Lehenga can be worn by little girls as well as by old women. Usually made of unadorned cotton, but there are also Lehengas which are very expensive too, of course with superior fabrics and ornaments done with ornaments.

Meanwhile, Sari is used for everyday wear with designs that may be simple and made of various fabrics such as cotton, polyester, silk, chiffon, georgette, and so on. These garments look so graceful and popular that they amaze people from all over the world even today. They admire the costume that covers the whole body but is sensual because it shows the curves of the woman who wears it in the right area. Like Gold And Blush Pink Saree in below.


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