Glamorous French Nail Art For Summer Inspirations

French Nail Art can be an idea for you to try when you are confused about choosing a summer nail art theme. Summer french nail art uses a lot of nail polish with bright colors like warm and cheerful summers like neon colors like pink, blue, yellow, green, or you can use all of these colors.


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The trick is that you can apply French nail just by giving the nail polish following the top of the nail. To make it more attractive, you can add rhinestone stones to make it look more luxurious. Finally, use a clear nail polish top coat so that the nail polish looks more shiny and durable. This trend has actually long been popular and has been a favorite of women since the 18th century. Along with the development of trends, this classic style continues to innovate and this time comes in increasingly diverse, modern, and unique designs. This trend is inspired by the French manicure.

French manicure itself is a classic manicure style designed to make your nails look simple, chic, and elegant. In retrospect, a French manicure is very similar to a basic manicure in the process. The difference lies in the way the nails are painted, such as clear painted nails, the tips of the nails are then added with white. The colors used for french manicure are soft colors like light pink, beige, or clear. This is none other than so that your nails look natural.

However, even though it looks simple, it turns out that applying a French manicure requires high concentration and accuracy. Stencils are also important and are used to create clear boundaries between the natural part of the nail and the part to be brushed with white nail polish. A French manicure can be worn in a variety of nail sizes, but the results will be better if the tip of the nail where the white nail polish is applied is made thin.

That was a little about French Nail Art. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Show Your Futuristic Style With Great Hippie Glasses Ideas to visit here.

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