Chic French Braid Bun Tutorial To Sweeten Your Look

French Braid Bun is one of the classic hairstyles that are still relevant today. This style is a combination of break off style with the addition of a French braid in the middle of the head. This braid accent can sweeten your hairstyle and not make it look boring.

In addition to Dutch Braid Bun, the type of French Braid Bun is one variation that gets its name from the country which is thought to first popularize this style namely France. Although it looks difficult, actually how to braid a French braid style is very easy. The technique is similar to the three-strand braid technique, but by adding hair little by little each will create a new braid.


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Well, for this article we will provide a tutorial and some tips for those of you who want to try French Braid Bun.

First, make sure your hair is clean and dry perfectly so that it can produce neater hair. Furthermore, you can split your hair into triangles starting from the forehead to the crown of the head using a comb. Then you can take a little hair from the front of the hair. You can start dividing your hair into three equal parts.

Second, you can cross the hair on the right side to the middle through the top, then the left side hair to the middle through the top. Then take new hairs from each side each time making a new braid. When you reach the crown area (half head), replace it with a standard braid technique or what is commonly called a three strands braid, then you can tie the ends of the hair.

Third, try combining the results of the braided hair with the rest of the hair hanging down, then tie it into a high ponytail. Then join the ponytail that has been twisted to form a high bun. Then pinch it with a bobby pin so that the roll doesn’t come off easily. You should use more than one bobby pin so that your loose hairstyle gets stronger.

Finally, try pulling a little hair on the front side to frame your face. This way your appearance will look more natural. You can make the final touches by using hairspray so you can keep your hair longer without making it feel sticky or stiff. That’s the tutorial for making French Braid Bun. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Fresh And Warm Tropical Wedding Centerpiece That You Can Make Your Inspiration visit here.

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