Elegant Flutter Sleeve Dress Ideas

The Flutter Sleeve Dress is one of the women’s dress innovations that has a characteristic on the sleeve that tends to form a triangle. This will make your shoulders appear not too wide but with the arms that have a lot of space, aka not tight. This dress will make women move more actively because it has a looser cut.

The dress is one of the outfits that have a falling shape covering the female body to the lower area around the knees to the ankles which seems to symbolize the elegance of women. Women’s dresses are broadly divided into 2 broad categories, namely women’s dresses based on cut shapes and models and women’s dresses based on body length.

Women’s dresses are based on cut shapes and models, including the A-Line Dress which has a shape in accordance with the letter A, which is pointed at the top and width below, Bodycon Dress or body press dress because it has a tighter shape, Mermaid Dress which has a sub-shape. the top resembles a tight corset to the bottom above the knee which resembles a Bodycon dress and the bottom is wide like a fish fin.

In addition, there is also a Party Dress which also has a shape like a corset at the top and a narrow belly then at the bottom like a flared skirt, a Shift dress that has a straight cut and no waist, and a Sheath Dress that can adjust and follow the shape of the wearer’s body, especially the area. waist and hips.

Whereas women’s dresses are based on body length, namely Maxi dresses which have a characteristic length down to the ankles or even touching the floor, Midi dresses that have a length below the knee and but still above the ankles, or also a mini dress that only has a lower length. above the knee.

One of the innovations of the midi dress is the white Flutter Sleeve Dress that will exude your aura as shown below.


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That’s a little about the Flutter Sleeve Dress and several types of women. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Get To Know More About Trendy Burgundy Color For Lipstick, Hair, And Fashion to visit here.

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