Playful Blue Floral Top That Can You Try From Retro Fashion

Floral Top can be a fashion style that you can try when you try the retro style. You can try a combination of tops with floral motifs that are more playful with vibrant like blue color combinations that are iconic in summer.

The floral motif is one of the motifs that are loved by many women. Beautiful floral displays make women feel cute and feminine. Floral prints or floral prints appear in many outfits and fashion items, from shirts, dresses, pants, bags to paintings or decorations. Well, but who would have thought that floral motifs also apply to retro styles.

The retro-style looks old and outdated, but with this style, you will actually look fashionable and give a cool classic impression. This is because the retro style is bolder in terms of color and style. With an eccentric and glamorous impression, this retro style is indeed very unique and interesting to try. Especially if you are good at mixing and matching outfits.

The retro-style itself is a style adapted from the 70s to the 90s. Usually, glamorous and brave clothes are quite loved in this era and even become a characteristic. Colors that are often used in retro clothing are synonymous with bright colors and tend to stand out. Besides that, the dominance of disco style, symmetrical, and polka-dot motifs that you can find on dresses, shirts, and accessories is another feature of retro style.

Well, one of the unique outfits for you to try is the Floral Top with an attractive playful color. You can combine it with Bell-bottom pants with neutral colors like white. Don’t forget the accessories that you can use to complete your retro look.


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That’s a little information about the Floral Top and retro style. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Cool Beauty Loose Curls Hairstyles For Teenage Girls to visit here.

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