Stunning Flared Pants For Women Who Want To Look Slim And Taller

Flared Pants is one of the classic pants as it appeared in the 70s and boomed in the 90s. The characteristic of this one trousers is the shape of the width at the bottom of the pants so that it makes the wearer’s feet tall and looks tall.

These flare pants that give off a sexy impression are perfect when paired with high heels. Even so, it’s not wrong if you try to combine it with sneakers or flat shoes. Because the impression of being tall and tall will not disappear from you. These pants are quite popular among people who like the retro style.

Apart from looking retro, these pants are also flexible enough to be worn at various events ranging from casual events to semi-formal events and can be easily paired with a variety of other tops. The timeless appearance of his hits makes this type of pants a lot popular. Through a modern cut with a combination of innovative injection and classic style, flare pants have become a must-have item this season.

Flared Pants

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In the 1970s, this type of flare pants was more dominant with denim. But over the times, these trousers have undergone many changes towards modernity. Some fashion houses design these trousers to be very girlie and make them more varied, such as using floral motifs or bright colors or maybe the addition of ruffles.

Some people call flare pants similar to culottes even though they are clearly different. Although both are made of denim, the difference can be seen from the shape of each trouser. If the culottes have a basic A-line cut from the thigh to the bottom. So flared pants have a design that is tight at the waist to the thighs, then the width from the knees to the ankles.

In addition, if you look at a glance, flared pants are similar to bootcut pants which are also tightly patterned from the hips to the thighs, and then the legs widened. However, bootcut pants are suitable for women who are fat and slim. Meanwhile, flared pants are suitable for women of any shape.

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