Flamingo Nail Art

Sweet Flamingo Nail Art For Summer Inspirations

Flamingo Nail Art is a theme that you can inspire for your summer nail art. This Flamingo Nail Art is a theme that is quite popular, especially if you keep up with the nail art trend. The flamingos, which are identical to the beautiful pale pink color, will not only make your nails look beautiful but will also emit a feminine glow.

Flamingo itself is a species of long-legged birds from the genus Phoenicopterus and family Phoenicopteridae that live in groups. This one bird is found in the western and eastern hemispheres, where two of them are in the old world, namely West India, Africa, Southern Europe, and the Middle East.

Generally, the Flamingo color varies from pale pink to bright red or other lighter colors. This is so that they look more attractive so that it is easy to attract their partners. These colors come from aquatic bacteria and beta carotene contained in their diet. Where they usually filter water and sludge to get food such as shrimp and green algae. However, young flamingos that have just emerged from their eggs are usually gray in color

Flamingos are one of the animals that become icons in summer. Therefore, its existence always gives its own impression to everyone, especially when summer arrives. Therefore, it is not uncommon for some people to use flamingos as themes for weddings, home decorations to themes for summer nail art.

Nail art with a summer theme is usually synonymous with a warm and cheerful atmosphere, and the use of bright and soft colors. So, that’s why you can really inspire nail art with a Flamingo image or theme. The trick is to apply the colors white, pink, and black which symbolize the flamingos on your nails.

Flamingo Nail Art
Flamingo Nail Art

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That’s a little about Flamingo Nail Art. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles. Look Fierce With Elegant Gothic Fashion Style to visit here.

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