Stylish Women’s Fall Kimono For Daily Style

Fall Kimono are outfits that you can try to complement your look to be trendier in fall. This Fall Kimono is made of lightweight material so it is quite comfortable to wear as an outwear combined with underwear such as a blouse and pants.


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Kimono itself is a traditional dress originating from Japan. This shirt has a unique design, which is like the letter T which looks like a coat, has a collar, and a shirt length that is made up to the ankles. Kimonos are made from materials that are woven perfectly. The right collar should be under the left collar. A cloth belt called an obi is wrapped around the belly/waist, and tied around the back. The footwear when wearing a kimono is zōri or geta.

In ancient times, the kimono was a common garment that was always worn by Japanese residents, but now it is a formal dress worn at certain times, such as attending festivals, tea ceremonies, and attending weddings. Usually, women wear kimono in the form of overalls, while men wear kimono in the form of a suit. There are many types of kimono, here are some types of kimono for women:

Yukata kimono are worn during the summer. Uchikake Kimono, a luxurious kimono that becomes the formal dress of a woman when they get married. Irotomesode and Hōmongi, kimonos that can be worn by adult women who are married or not. Kurotomesode, the most formal kimono for married women. Furisode, the most formal kimono for young unmarried women.

Iromuji, semiformal kimono. Komon and Tsukesage are semi-formal kimonos for married or unmarried women. Kinagashi kimono as everyday wear or when going out on informal occasions. Tsumugi casual kimono to be worn every day at home by married or unmarried women. As well as the Mofuku Kimono, a kimono which has a distinctive black color and is only worn for attending funeral ceremonies.

That’s a little about Fall Kimono for women. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Awesome Autumn Women’s Olive Green Army Bomber Jacket Ideas to visit here.

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