Gorgeous Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring Ideas For Your Special Day

Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring is a form of engagement ring that is currently quite popular and is in great demand because of its luxurious and elegant design with a strong vintage impression. The engagement day is one of the special moments in life. Not surprisingly, many prospective brides are trying to make their engagement day perfect by giving diamond engagement rings, one of which has an Emerald Cut.

Emerald cut diamonds are suitable for dynamic, smart, classic, simple, and professional women. A design that is not exaggerated but still accentuates the graceful and sweet feminine side, making it a popular choice for engagement rings. Apart from that, the Emerald cut gained popularity because it was cheaper than the princess cut, the heart cut, let alone the round cut. Emerald-cut engagement ring will make your fingers look longer and tapered too.


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The emerald cut diamond itself has a rectangular shape with several rows of terraced facets on the crown and pavilion, parallel to the sides. Emerald cut diamonds have a profile that looks rectangular but is actually octagon shaped. This diamond cut is not as popular as the round cut, and this is why emerald cut diamonds are cheaper than round brilliant cuts with the same quality characteristics. The emerald cut with a square profile is usually referred to as the Asscher cut.

Emerald-Cut has a unique shape that gives the impression of vintage as well as luxury, so it’s no wonder that many couples have engagement rings with this design. When viewed in terms of color, the emerald cut is not as brilliant as a round cut. The yellow color in it tends to be less outward, but because of that, many couples have opted for the emerald cut because it is not overly luxurious.

Well, that’s a little information about the Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Look Girly With Women’s Plaid Mini Skirt Ideas visit here.

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