Charming Dandelion Theme Nail Art Ideas For Celebrate Your Summer

Dandelion Theme has become popular in recent years. It is not without reason, this theme is considered very suitable and is considered to be an icon every summer besides some nature-themed nail art such as Fruit Theme, Ice Cream Theme, and other Nature Themes and themes. The images that appear tend to be beautiful and not too busy, making the Dandelion Theme widely used by combining it with colors that are no less beautiful.

Nature-themed nail art is one of the more unpopular themes. Because the theme of nature is always a favorite of the people because of the beauty and beauty of the atmosphere it produces. Nature itself refers more to the phenomena of the physical world and universal life. Starting from living plants, animals, humans, forests, beaches, weather, maritime, and geology, whether on Earth or more to the universe.

This theme is almost widely used in the elements of life. Starting from home decor, fashion, and even makeup, many use natural themes. No exception applied to our nails. Like one of them is the Dandelion Theme Nail Art.


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Dandelion, also known as Taraxacum, is a wildflower or plant native to North America and Eurasia. This plant has long been used as food and herbal medicine. This plant, which was first used in the early 10th century, can be consumed raw, boiled, or used as a salad mixture. However, the efficacy and side effects of dandelion need to be examined again so that it is not dangerous because it is a wildflower.

Wow, beautiful dandelion motifs are not only used as beauty in the fashion world. However, wildflowers or plants that are usually found in the mountains also have a myriad of good health benefits for the body, both from outside and from within.

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