Look Cool With ​​Converse Shoes All Star Ideas For Women Who Like Impressive Impressions

Converse Shoes are one of the classic shoes that has a long history. But who would have thought, casual shoes that have been present since 1908 have become one of the most popular prima donnas today? Especially among young people. This shoe is proven to be listed as one of the brands that they must have, be it for men or women.

Converse itself was originally the name of one shoe company based in America that has been known for its expertise in the manufacture of sportswear and lifestyle shoes. Therefore, the main products of the converse company are more focused on the production of sporting goods and other goods. The converse company is the sister company of other shoemakers, namely athletic shoes that we commonly refer to as Nike.

The main pioneer of Converse shoes is the Marquis Mills Converse, and from this came the name of this shoe was made which is now known as Converse All-Stars. Marquis Mills founded a shoe company called the Converse Rubber Shoes Company in Malden in February 1908.

Initially, the establishment of this business was stable and running well. Until 13 years later, the company began producing sports shoes for tennis which was the most popular sport at the time. Unfortunately in the early 2000s, this brand suffered a setback. But who would have thought after that, the Converse brand was able to get back it’s marketing.


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This shoe design continues to live and is more stylish so that now and even more variety. Many colors can be chosen so that your appearance is not monotonous. In addition, at this time we can even design our own shoes that we want. That way, we look more leverage. Apart from being more comfortable to use, these shoes will also provide a classic concept that is strong but still fashionable.

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