Cool Young Men Comb-Over Haircut That Must Try

Comb-Over Haircut is one of the young men’s hairstyles that can be a reference for haircuts that you can try. Comb-Over is a short male hairstyle whose styling tends to be one-sided or split-edge. Where your hair length must be at least 7 cm so that it can be adjusted sideways. Initially, the comb-over was a model for those with short side hair. Nowadays, there are more and more variations of hairstyles and modern styles, including long hair versions.

The Comb-Over is a hairstyle that combines 60’s good looks with today’s modern urban style. With tapered sides, deep sections, and a smooth top, the comb-over hairstyle will add an extra attitude to any look. If in the past this hairstyle tends to be used by adult men because this hairstyle is the most classic hairstyle. But now it is increasingly modern and a variation of the comb-over hairstyle. No wonder this style is now popular among teenagers or youth.

So, to get the Comb-Over Haircut to look here’s how for you.

First, make sure the hair on both sides is cut short above the ears for maximum shape. Then you can part the hair using the tip of a teased comb so that the cleavage line is formed more neatly. If not available, use your usual wide-toothed comb. You can also use your index finger to make a slit. After you determine the position of your hairline, start to blow dry your hair using a blow dryer and blow comb. Finally, don’t forget to use pomade for maximum and long-lasting hair results.


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Well, if the above is a way to get a classic comb over hairstyle. You can also try other variations such as Comb over fade, Curly comb-over, Shaved comb-over, Wet-look comb-over, or Quiff comb-over.

That’s the Comb-Over Haircut. Hopefully inspire. Don’t forget to think about our other articles Classy Black And Mint Nail Art Combination Look For Your End of Year Party to visit here.

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